Comparing 1984 And Guantanamo Boy

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Torture Within Dystopian Societies: Comparing and Contrasting 1984 & Guantanamo Boy One of the main themes which is consistent throughout the two books is Torture used within dystopian societies to initiate power and control. Guantanamo Boy is the story of a young boy, Khalid, who goes to Pakistan to visit his family. His father is captured and later so is he. We see how he is tortured and what methods they use to force him to admit to something he hasn't even done and, afterwards, how he has changed as a person. 1984 is a dystopian novel about a man called Winston who lives in a society where people their thoughts and actions are controlled tightly, he breaks some of the rules and also falls in love with a girl named Julia. Eventually,…show more content…
In 1984, Julia represents Winston's free will because the people in control don't allow meaningful and fulfilling relationships. O'Brien discovers that Winston's biggest fear is of Rats. When he begins threatening him with them, he forces Winston to finally give up and yell to “Do it to Julia! Not me!” At this point Winston has completely given up and accepted big brother. All through his imprisonment he thinks of her and what they shared, forcing him to blurt out her name, this is what gets him sent to room 101 in the first place. Khalid's thoughts are with his parents and he latches onto memories of normal life in Rochdale. Khalid isn't tortured as much and as badly as Winston, so when he emerges from imprisonment he isn't a completely different person. When he…show more content…
Anna Perera, former english teacher, attended a gig in 2006 in aid of a charity, and there she became aware that children had also been abducted and taken to Guantanamo Bay. This became the inspiration for the novel, Guantanamo Boy. The real shock factor is that you would only think a certain criteria would fit into going and if you were young or female you wouldn't be taken. What was a true eye opener, was the character she created who was young and normal and had a future ahead of him. As for the ending, I believe that it is quite unrealistic, because you wouldn't think that Khalid had even the smallest chance of getting a lawyer and returning back to Rochdale. I think a better ending would have been to see him tortured to the point where he was a changed man or to have him released years later and for him to look in the mirror and see a stranger. These are the more likely endings I would have thought. Orwell is famous for making points and expressing his views about politics through very well thought-out novels. Apart from 1984, another very popular political novel he wrote was Animal Farm which was a novel aimed at Russia and communism. 1984 is titled so because the date is 40 years after he wrote it. The novel was what he imagined it to be like in 40 years time. Many instantly fell in love with the clear and simple way in which the book expressed

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