Compare And Contrast Essay On Liberal And Conservatives

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Liberal and conservatives are the two main sides when it comes to politics in the United States. Liberals, also often seen as democrats, and conservatives, also often seen as republicans, have many differing ideas on how the government should be run, and what policies and laws are important. Because of these differing views, it is important to understand each side. The two sides differ in the media, courts, congress, and many other aspects of government. The media is a very important from if entertainment and news for the American people. The media helps people learn about current event and problems, and plays a major role government. For example, many media sources put out information about political debates, elections, ads for candidates,…show more content…
It only brings pain and debt. War is important to stop the bad people and countries who don’t like us. We need war when it is necessary, however we should only go into wars that we really need to be in. To promotes the general welfare Let people make their own money, and be responsible for themselves. Help people who need help financially, medically, and in other ways. Some help for those in need, but people still need to be responsible for themselves. To secure the blessings of liberty Thinks of how the founding thought and think exactly like that. Are more open to interpretation of what the founding fathers thought/ Mostly by-the-book, but also with some interpretations on certain

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