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Many writers use symbols in their novels, this is the case of Gabriel García Marquez. The usage of symbols within a novel is a way of describing character´s feeling, representing a specific idea of feeling, or foreshadowing the next events. Usually symbols can be anything in the novels they can be a thing, person or action, however the dreams and the weather are one of the must use symbols by writers in the novels or poems. This is the case of Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Gabriel García Marques uses the symbols of dreams and weather along the novel. He created the atmosphere of the novel using these to symbols. Dreams in this novel are a way of foreshadowing the events that will happen in the novel, especially what will happen to Santiago Nasar. However, the author doesn´t foreshadow the murder of Santiago Nasar, neither he lets the reader imagine how it happened. He uses dreams to tell small parts of the story, so he can leave…show more content…
In Chronicles of a Death Foretold, dreams and weather don´t only play the role of symbols, they play with the Magic Realism within the book. The dreams of Santiago Nasar can be interpleaded as a magic influence in the character, these dreams try to express Santiago Nasar about this death. Placida Linero, Santiago Nasar´s mother ¨had a well-earned reputation as an accurate interpreter of other people´s dreams, provided they were told her before eating¨ (García, location 40). Placida Linero was able to read everyone´s dreams, but she didn´t pay attention to Santiago Nasar´s dreams about trees, neither she couldn´t notice any worrying prediction about Santiago Nasar´s day in his dream. Placida Linero told him before the left the house ¨any dream about birds means good health¨ (García, location 79). This quote doesn´t follow the same idea of the very first sentence of the book ¨on the day they were going to kill him¨, which clearly explains that Santiago Nasar is already death, his mother couldn´t predict his death, or she didn´t want

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