Imago Esao Andrews

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When visiting the Long Beach Museum of Arts, there were many creative art works that were presented by different artist. After going through the museum and analyzing all the different art pieces. For some reason I always came back to this one particular painting. The painting is a image of a butterfly holding onto a leaf and hanging upside down. It may seem like a simple painting at first glance , however for some reason I find it very intriguing and something I can relate to. The painting that will be analyzed is called Imago, by Esao Andrews. With this painting the artist used acrylic paint on the museum wall. Acrylic paint is a quick drying, water-based "plastic" paint (Art in Canada). It's a very versatile type of media because…show more content…
The wings are intact near the body, but as the wings move further away from the body the wings then start to look torn, mangled, and very stringy. The butterfly appears to be hanging on a green leaf upside down. The leaf is attached to a branch and appears to look jagged, rough and dry. The background of this painting is a blue sky with some clouds on the bottom half of the painting with clearer skies on the top. The artist used cool and warm colors to create his painting. He doesn't just use one color scheme but mixes it up which makes the painting colorful. Although the painting is colorful the colors are not too saturated and is more on the lighter and softer. He also uses complementary colors such as blue and orange and red and green. Complementary colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other, which gives a lot of contrast (Colors Matters). After full examination of the colors used in this painting, the artist uses the same colors but in different hues. He uses the colors green, yellow, orange, red, blue, along with the shades of white and black for contrast. There is texture present in this painting. The artist used small brush strokes and organic lines which makes the hair on the body of butterfly flow in a natural way. This gives the body a soft and hairy texture to the painting. The artist also used small brush strokes to…show more content…
The subject matter of this painting would be the butterfly and it's mangled wings. When I think about this painting what comes to mind is the hardship that the butterfly went through. Without any struggles, you won't learn from mistakes and become stronger. When I looked up what imago means it means the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged. After reading the definition, the painting sends out message that without going through hardship in life you will not advance into a mature state of mind. When you always have it easy, you will not continue to grow and move forward but just stay the same. Also, when I see the butterfly hang underneath the leaf upside down. I have a feeling of refuge, and the green color of the leaf means life. Just seeing the butterfly relates to how life is tough and you're going to struggle but with determination, you are going to make it and hopefully learn from mistakes and mature. The artistic style that the artist employed in his painting is surrealism. When I think about surrealism when taking this art class, we didn't really cover it in full detail but when I do think about that particular art style, I think about Pablo Picasso and some of his art work. When viewing Esao's and Picasso's paintings, I get that distorted reality and dream like world when I see their art work. Esao Andrews is a artist

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