Benjamin Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

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Menders 2 Follow in my footsteps Benjamin Franklin was the “proto-typical” American, the original common man, who used learning and common sense to improve the lives of Americans. Franklin was one of the founding fathers who was responsible for many standards of living improvements. He was fascinated by all sorts of learning and he was interested in doing whatever he could to make life a little bit better for one and all. With fewer than three years of official education, he taught himself almost everything he knew, he began in 1733 to study languages; I soon made myself so much a master of the French as to be able to read the books with ease, I then undertook the Italian. [footnoteRef:2] Whether he was inventing, operating a press, or helping to organize things, Franklin had something important to do with every aspect of his time. All the time he sought to learn new things…show more content…
He would go on to be a writer, publisher, scientist and inventor. His inquisitive mind was always in search of trying to know how everything worked in the world and used his scientific understanding to his advantage through invention and improvement. With his brilliant mind, Franklin was a legend that was accountable for numerous improvements in American life that we today take for granted. In 1742, Franklin invented an open stove (Franklin stove) for the better warming of rooms, and at the same time saving fuel, as the fresh air admitted was warmed in entering.[footnoteRef:5] This was not the only item he invented, during his time he invented Bifocals, discovered electricity, with the help from a kite, and many other useful things that we still use today. [5: Franklin, Benjamin. The Electric Ben Franklin. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1 Independence Hall Association, 1999-2016) Publishing electronically as 2 On the Internet since July 4, 1995.

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