Communal Violence In Hyderabad Essay

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Hyderabad: History of riots in Brief The first recorded incidence of communal violence in Hyderabad was in 1938. But curfew was imposed for the first time in September 1947 when the Indian Army had to march into the erstwhile Hyderabad state to contain the violence unleashed by the Nizam’s private army, Razakars. Nimboliadda, which is in the heart of the city now, was the centre of the ’47 riots. The city had been relatively peaceful until 1960. However, both communities indulged in large scale violence in the ‘60s and curfew clamped many times. In the ‘70s communal tension became a recurring phenomenon. In 1978, three-fourths of the twin cities was brought under curfew following large-scale violence after…show more content…
Curfew was imposed and the police could bring the situation under control in a few days. The city, however, has been relatively peaceful for the past six years-until it erupted on june 5,1998 The Communal Tensions in 1990s –Press Reports: The press reports that on June 5,1998, at least 35 persons including four policemen were injured when unruly mobs went on a rampage in the Old City of Hyderabad this afternoon. The miscreants burnt several shops, 13 city buses and some private vehicles, while police fired into the air at three places. Tension prevailed in the entire old City with reports of violence coming in from different parts. The reason for the sudden outburst of violence was reportedly a pamphlet circulated by mischief mongers since June 2. City Police Commisioner R.P. Singh said a couple of days ago that special teams had been formed to identify those responsible for bringing out the pamphlet and distributing it. But the police have so far failed to identify the culprits, leave alone arresting them. Going by the circumstances which led to the sudden outbreak of violence, senior police officials believe that ISI was behind the

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