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Some of the most advocated social justice issues during the 1900’s are children’s rights, sweatshops, and women’s suffrage; all of which the widely regarded American social and political reformer Florence Kelley fought for. A report by Kelley herself describes her observations on the conditions of one of the abusive working environments where there was “no floor in [the] room, and the people were living on the bare earth, which was damp and littered with every sort of rubbish. In another case seven persons were at work in a room 12 by 15 feet in dimensions and with but two windows. These people with the sewing machines of operators and the tables used by the pressers, so filled this meager space that it was impossible to move about. Charcoal was used for heating the pressers' irons, and the air was offensive and prostrating to a degree”…show more content…
For one, from the beginning of it’s founding in 1899, Kelley was the very first general secretary for the National Consumers League. She was also the founder of the nonprofit organization that “represented consumers on marketplace and workplace issues”. She worked very hard to establish an eight hour work day limit. In 1907, during the supreme court case Muller v. Oregon, Kelley contributed to the case that was attempting to overturn limits to the amount of hours women could work in professions that were non hazardous. She helped file the famous Brandeis Brief which proved the harms of working long hours using medical and sociological research and evidence. The evidence she used set a new precedent in the acceptance of sociological evidence in supreme courts. This greatly helped later in the case Brown v. Board of Education which was about segregated public schools being considered unconstitutional. Regarding segregated schools, Kelley also created the “Sterling Discrimination Bill” to ensure more equal distribution of funds for

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