College Admissions Essay: A Big Moment In My Life

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A big moment could be an eventful, exhilarating experience that could change someone’s life forever. It could be anywhere from an extremely joyful moment to a gloomy one. Frankly, it could be anywhere in between. Your big moment could take place anywhere, at any time, but overall, what makes a big moment a “big moment” is the way it’s greatly impacted someone’s life. My first big moment was obviously my birth. I was born on September 16th, 2002 in Portland, Oregon. Two weeks later, my family moved to Acworth Georgia. During my first year here, I had already learned to crawl, attempt to walk, and have the ability to utter several easy words. I was very adventurous; therefore, I liked to crawl under beds to “explore the down under”. Little did…show more content…
The lovely smell of salt water filled my lungs for that first time at age nine. The light breeze ran through my hair when I decided to jump on my board. Surprise, Surprise; I didn’t make it the first time. Time after time; I kept failing. What was I wrong wrong? I didn’t know, but what I did know is I was determined to make it all the way beach on my board. I kept telling myself, “I can do it.” I turned around and spotted a wave that looked like it could trample me. I took advantage of the wave and decided to try again. The win ran rapidly through my hair and my heart throbbed. I could see all the tiny breaker waves rolling on the beach and I smiled. All the red and blue coolers with rainbow umbrellas suddenly disappeared. All I saw was roaring waters. I finally got to the beach! But when I got to the beach, my board stopped but I kept going, leaving me with a gnarly sand burn. I was in a state of affliction! Luckily, the thing about sand burns is they heal quickly. A year later, at age ten, I started feeling ill. I was taken to a hospital on November 2nd, 2012 because of it. I was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. My affliction of the sand burn was nothing compared to this. I had been running a sky-rocketing fever and a very painful, blistering rash ran up my back to my neck and on my arms. My eyes were bloodshot and puffy. Before going to the E.R, I had been to three different doctors to try to find out the cause of my “mystery illness”. The urgent care doctors knew right away what it was. I was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. I spent two weeks in a hospital bed, in this bland room. I felt so isolated by the colorless white walls. On top of that, every six hours I would have bloodwork done. The labs were sent all over the world to test for other things that may have been wrong with me at the time. After around eight days, they gave

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