Persuasive Letter From 'Valley Forge'

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valley forge Mr. sipe James haught Well i would love to have been at valley forge. Yes i know it would of been hard but it for my country and you should half to learn the right to live here. plus if you fight for war and survive you get paid. Here's the reason i would stay because i am not a quitter and i like guns and i think it would be a challenging experience. yes i know it is gonna hurt my body and i'm gonna be soar. Yes i know that people did not have shoes but hey you half to be strong and suck it up. I know people’s feet got bad and they left blood trails. plus this is my country and i outta support it and fight for it cause you need to deserve the rights to have a free country.…show more content…
plus if you don’t have gunpowder and you get attacked how are you gonna fight back plus thank if you are being chased and you have no gunpowder your gonna die easily in less you can get close enough to stab them with your bonnet before they shoot you are gonna be dead. plus if you just built this awesome beautiful strong fort called fort forge and you just was having a good ole time and outta nowhere you see british yelling fire but that’s bad because you don’t have gunpowder so you half to run away and they capture your fort forge and still everything you had like your little amount of food that you was gonna eat tonight and your drink and guns and all your valuables and you go back cause you are gonna see if they left anything like weapons to kill with to get food for the night and they burnt down the captain's house and they burnt two more houses and left the others. so we sleep in those homes and we woke up to a burnt fort and they made the whole fort gone so we got really angry so we decided to fight with what we

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