Causes Of Amnestic Disorders

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Amnestic disorders cause discreet memory problems without any symptoms of other disorders. There are no exact causes for this disorder, but there are different treatments that have been learned over the years of studying this disorder. The symptoms are memory problems. The symptoms include forgetting old memories and not being able to make new ones. People with amnestic disorder might not know about their condition of their memory trouble. In 1953, Henry Molaison had brain surgery to remove part of the left side of his brain. He suffered from severe epileptic seizures, and the doctors hoped that by removing a part of his brain they'd be able to stop the seizures. The surgery was successful and he no longer had any seizures. But after the surgery, he was no longer able to make new memories. The disorder was later on known was “amnesia”. This term is still used today. There is no…show more content…
A man by the name of Henry Molaison suffered from serious seizures. Doctors had to perform surgery and attempted to stop the seizures. They were able to stop the seizures, but he was not able to make new memories. The doctors studied him after the surgery. The patient came back and the doctor’s noticed that he wasn’t able to remember new things. Amnesia is not an inherited mental disorder. Amnesia is not related to genetics. A lifestyle doesn’t really cause amnesia. Amnesia is usually got in an accident or if an individual is simply born with it. The primary cause for amnesia is because of accidents that affect the temporal lobe. Sometimes, people are just born with amnesia or memory problems. Depending on how serious the condition is, treatment for amnesia is going to be different. Therapy and counseling are the best treatments for dealing with amnesia. There are trained therapists who are specialized in amnesia. Unfortunately, there is no cure for amnesia. The only thing a person can do is get

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