Argumentative Essay On Student Debt

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With college around the corner for millions of high school students nationwide, a growing concern for many is the looming issue of its extensive cost. When scholarships don’t cover enough of the expense, many students dread having to take out student loans. Although it would mean higher taxes for the wealthy, student loan interest rates should be lowered and those with existing student loan debt should have some of that debt forgiven to ensure the success of American students in a competitive job force. Prior to the Reagan Administration, higher education was very inexpensive, if not free. During his presidency, Reagan put an end to free tuition in state colleges and universities. By doing so, student’s futures were no longer supported by the government and higher education was made less accessible to students in lower-income households. Today, many European countries, as well as some South American countries still offer free tuition to their students. US youth still have to fork over an arm and a leg for a degree that, in our troubling economy, may not hold up to the bright future its supposed to promise. In addition, Reagan began imposing cuts as high as 20% to higher education funding (Clabaugh). These funding cuts forced colleges and universities to hike up…show more content…
The facts are that student loan debt has become an overwhelming statistically relevant issue. Pressure from parents to attend college as well as the fact that college has jumped from commodity to necessity is part of the issue. The more students going to college, the more students that will be added to the already overwhelming 37 million graduates with student loan debt. And on top of that, college isn’t getting any cheaper. In fact, the price of college has raised 500% since 1985 (Dickinson). As displayed by the graphic, a lot of money is owed that graduates cannot pay

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