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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, also known as the CSGV, was founded in 1974. Originally called the “National Coalition to Band Handguns,” the coalition was formed of around 30 other nonprofit organizations. The goal was to notice and fix “the high rates of gun related crime and death in American society”. (Carter, Gregg Lee (2002). Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law. p. 395.) The group continued to grow throughout the 1980s and 1990s. They changed their name in 1989 because they believed that assault weapons should also be regulated, instead of just handguns. Their goals in the past are very similar to their goals now. Originally, they wanted to license all gun owners, have people register…show more content…
Beard who is the President of both the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, their sister organization. He has held his position since the beginning in 1974. ( Josh Horowitz is the Executive Director of both groups and has been unreplaceable force in the fight for gun control. He joined in 1989 as Legal Director. His long term strategy to close illegal firearm trades includes universal background checks so we can prevent criminals obtaining dangerous weapons. He was also helpful with an original microstamping law in California in 2007.…show more content…
Universal background checks to purchase weapons have been discussed. Currently, federal laws require background checks for gun sold by registered sellers. These merchants only account for about sixty percent of all gun sales in America. A loophole in this law allows people “not engaged in the business” to sell firearms without a license. This means that anyone can purchase a gun from these venders without a background check. Many states have not addressed this issue, and the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence hopes to change that, and encourages citizens to take action by signing a petition. ( The coalition also hopes to tackle the issue of mental health and guns. This is a complicated issue to handle because there is no desire to increase the stigma of mental health patients going on killing sprees, but sadly many mass shootings in recent history can be very closely linked to mental health disorders. Currently, there are only a few laws that prevent people that have a history of mental illness from purchasing weapons, and the same loophole that allows venders to sell without background checks, would allow the mentally ill to acquire firearms as well.

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