Close-USot In Merian Cooper And Ernest Schoedsack's King Kong

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The close-up shot is often used in movies as a way to display features of close ups and dramatic expressions. The shot portrays Kong’s facial expression and the dramatic effects of how he kills and eats his victims. It is also good at capturing the essence of staring as though you are spotting someone and acknowledging them in your sights. A perfect example is in Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack’s King Kong (1933). The scene when Kong first encounters Ann Darrow as the shot closes in to capture his facial expression acknowledging his delight to see her. The close-up shot used in the film, displays his strong drive of love and hate towards the characters as he is put in different situations throughout the film as well as his demonstration of power and size compared to his victims.…show more content…
This shot is important for capturing how Kong feels, if you were putting yourself in his shoes as though you just met your soulmate, love at first sight. Even though Kong is seen as a vicious looking monster, he is actually a kind loving creature that desires love and companionship. Without a close-up shot, one cannot truly understand the feeling and expression of Kong and his mentality. For example, a wide-angle shot displays a far view of Kong but does not completely express the feeling he is portraying due to all his movements and lack of complete face towards the

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