Effects Of Crumple Zones

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Crumple zones, also known as crush zones, is the area of a vehicle that is designed to crush and deform in a collision. They add time to the crash by absorbing energy. They are usually structured in the front and sometimes rear of the vehicle. Crumple zones allow the front of the car to crush, absorbing some of the impact and transforming the energy into sound and heat. The zone acts like a cushion and provides time before the impact reaches the occupants inside. They accelerate the velocity at which the car is traveling. The second law of motion states that force = mass*acceleration, so if the time it takes for the car to come at rest is decreased, the force experienced by the car will also decrease [1]. Cars come in different sizes, therefore having different inertia, requiring different types of crumple zones. A car with larger inertia will require a crumple zone that decelerates more and absorbs more energy [2]. A failure to do so can potentially endanger lives. As Year 10s begin to drive at this stage, it is essential for them to be safe on the road. This is why it is important to understand the factors affecting the deceleration effect of crumple zones.…show more content…
HYPOTHESIS: If the thickness of the crumple zones (patty pans) is increased, then the amount of force absorbed will increase, because a thicker crumple zone will decrease the time it takes for the collision trolley to come at rest (decelerate), thereby limiting the impact on the trolley. VARIABLES: Independent variable

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