Civil War North Vs South Analysis

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Prior to the Civil War, both the north and the south side had a few advantages as well as disadvantages. For the north, two advantages were that they had a higher population and industry was booming. Since the population was high, there was a larger pool of possible soldiers for the military. War is fairly bloody and more troops are always needed, this helped the Union immensely. Industry in the north was extremely important, not only was it able to supply jobs for those who weren’t at war, it was also able to supply supplies to the soldiers. Two disadvantages for the north were the fact that there was no leadership in the army and that not only did the Union had to win, they also had to conquer. There was no leadership in the north because…show more content…
The south, on the other hand, had a few advantages too; they had a lot of enthusiasm and all they needed to do was to avoid defeat. We saw in the American Revolutionary war where enthusiasm can take you, plus the north didn’t really even want to go to war. Also the south just had to make sure that they didn’t lose in order to “win”. On the downside, the south did not have a high population or any industry. The south was pretty desperate to rally up soldiers and took pretty much anyone they could; men between the ages of 13 and even into their late 60’s. Since the south had an agricultural economy, they were no factories to mass produce supplies or to keep the economy aloof while the men were fighting in the war. These two factors were major contributors to the downfall of the…show more content…
In fact, slavery was more so just a huge detail of the Civil war. cIn the beginning, the war was mainly about just bringing the country back together and trying to resolve the problems within the government. Essentially, the south started the war because their pride was in danger. As the war progressed, however, slavery became an increasingly hot topic. As Lincoln debated over this he decided to create a compromise of sorts; the Emancipation Proclamation. The document was more of a threat than anything, Lincoln didn’t actually live up to the promises that were made in said document. The south was furious at the thought that Lincoln would attempt to take their slaves away, this caused them to fight a little harder. The war was still focused on the south’s identity, and slavery plays a huge part of it. The tension arose because of California becoming a free-state, which threatened the identity of the south but the tension wasn’t about slavery, it was about the power imbalance in the government. Slavery eventually, though out the time period of the war, became an increasingly important staple in the Civil

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