Rhetorical Analysis Of The Long Death Of Creative Teaching

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Tenured teacher and published author, David Greene, wrote an opinion based article, published on March 17, 2014 on U.S. News & World Reports’ website, “The Long Death of Creative Teaching,” in which, he explores the highly controversial issue of Common Core and it’s effect on creative teaching throughout classroom’s across the United States. Due the highly affluential and diverse demographic retained by U.S. News & World Report, one can only assume that Greene’s intended audience are also affluential and comprised of politicians, foundation and organization members, parents, teachers, and students. Greene unequivocally appeals to pathos throughout his argument on Common Core and “The Long Death of Creative Teaching;” although, his desperate plea for emotional persuasion, eliminates any effectiveness of his appeals to logos and ethos, and instantaneously surfaces the possibility of a fallacy within his argument, argumentum ad…show more content…
Academic creativity has been drained from degraded and overworked experienced teachers. Uniformity has sucked the life out of teaching and learning. (Greene, 3) Greene utilizes “The Long Death of Creative Teaching” as the title and headline for his argument, although he chooses not to address the objectives associated with the title until the final page of his article. This leads the reader to believe that Greene used this title as simply a smoke screen to lure in his audience, seduce them by appealing to pathos throughout the duration of his off-topic soliloquy, give them a brief taste of his titled argument toward the end, and eventually leave them in the end with a menagerie of unanswered questions. Greene’s denial of an appeal to ethos throughout his argument, by way of blanket, unsubstantiated accusations toward Common Core and ruse opinion based writing, create doubt in his audience and devastate his overall

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