The Narrator's Impressions In Jury Duty

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What does it feel like to decide whether a man will be sent to prison for life because of a murder, if a business will be sued, or simply if someone was to be sent to jail for shoplifting? In the story Jury Duty the readers can evaluate that the narrato'rs view and her understandment of jury duty changes dramatically from the beginning to the end of the story by her first impressions on how the jury will be, what her job is to do during the jury and how her emotions are revealed throughout the story. The narrator's first impression on how the jury is going to be is very weiry throughtout the story. She goes on about how the court room will be imagined in her mind, whether she will be going on a case about a murder or a man who was shoplifting. Her impressions are very widespread because she does not know what is the jury about, who it is about, and why did whatever happen, happen because she and the other people in the room with her will have to decide whether or not the man or woman will be guilty or not guilty. Her job during the jury is to be someone who was non-existence of the crime and is to look at the evidence and details to whether or not if the person is…show more content…
From the beginning it looks as if she cares about the jury being the first one she is ever going to and she is becoming a responsible American citizen. But throughout the story her feelings are changed by the seriousness and importance of her charge. The feelings are changed because an elderly judge tells her and the other people serving for jury duty that, "government by the people, of the people, and for the people was a serious undertaking" (unknown). The narrator feels like the governemnt is relying on her and her surrounding jury duty canidates to look at the evidence provided, determine the truth, and make a decision which feels like a gigantic role to play so she feels quite nervous as she thinks about

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