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Sensoji temple is one of the popular tourists spot in Japan. Its official name is Kinryu–Zan Sensoji and it is located at Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. Sensoji Temple is the oldest Buddism temple in Tokyo. Sensoji temple was founded in 628 AD by Kaisho. The temple is dedicated to Guanyin, the buddist goddess of mercy. Formerly, it belongs to Tendai Sect of Buddism. It was independent after World War II. Tourists can wear the Kimono in the Sensoji Temple. Kimono is the Japanese traditional clothing. Most of the tourists will try it on when they are visiting Japan. Asakusa is an ancient place, it is the best place for people to wear the Kimono and experience its historical culture. Tourists can rent the clothes at the rental shops which is nearby the Asakusa…show more content…
It was built in 942 AD to pray for peace. There is an eye catching giant red lantern hanging on its gate and it weighs up to 670 kilograms. When visiting to the Sensoji Temple, tourists can do a photo shooting in front of the Thunder Gate with the landmark giant lantern. By taking photo with giant lantern, tourists are considered visited to this famous spot. When passing through the gate, visitors can see the main hall of the Sensoji temple is about 200 meters ahead. Besides the main entrance, there are also two side entrances located at different direction. One of the side entrances is Hozomon Gate. Hozomon is also known as “Treasure House Gate”. Hozomon was built in 1964. Years later, it was rebuilt again with reinforced concrete by the donation of 150 million from Yonetoro Motoya. Nitenmon Gate is another side entrance of Sensoji temple, it locates at the east of the temple. It originally belonged to the Toshogu Shrine in Ueno, and was bought here after the Shrine was destroyed in 1642 year. People who visiting to the temple have the opportunity to take photo at the different entrances. Each entrance has its own unique and history on it

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