Chris Mccandless Rebellion Essay

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What does it mean to be a rebel? Well most would say it means to go against what is commonly accepted or to go counter to what the public believes. Some on the other hand would say it`s to be different at all, and that the very idea of not liking the norm is rebellious. Into the wild and several other works that will be listed will go into the concept of being a rebel; what it means, how does society look at rebels, and why some people don`t seem to fit in with the rest of society. Chris McCandless, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson; all were people considered to be brilliant by some, and nutcases by others. Their exploits, they claim, were in search of knowledge; however many only looked at them with contempt. The actions of Chris McCandless especially provoked people to look at him as a fool that was doomed on his trip from the beginning, and most of society likewise looks at rebels as though that think that they can do better than what time has proven to work; the norm. In reality, most rebels…show more content…
However, why do people think of them as rebels because of this? Partly it might be because they are different from them. Rebels come in many forms, from rebelling against the government or some other bigger entity; or in the case of McCandless and others, rebelling against society. On his travels Chris comes across many other people, however most of them his dislikes at least for one reason, they don`t share the same ideals of living life to the fullest that he does. Even at points where he meets people he decides to spend some time with, he inevitably moves on as he can`t stand denying the call of the open road. Most of these times however, he ends up hurting someone’s feelings because they understand his goals. Even his family and friends barely understand his ideals or goals; to them he seems like a

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