Chris Mccandless Materialism

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Chris McCandless, unsatisfied with his false childhood subconsciously decided to seek refuge in his morality. He searched for himself by pushing his boundaries, both physical, mental and social. Lest, he rebelled against the status quo that his parents worshipped so that he could transcend into a higher state of thinking. Thus, he adopted spiritualism in favor of materialism and shamed dependency on the government and currency so that he could appreciate the fruitfulness of nature. Accordingly, he adopted a pseudo name: Alexander Supertramp. A name in which he would tell his friends to call him on his journey for self-discovery and Alaska. Nevertheless, Supertramp wasn’t the only soul who felt they were missing something. Several men cordially…show more content…
Alexander Supertramp fell off of the earth was within weeks of him beginning the school year. Granted Alex was punishing his father, it should have been more beknownst that Chris would have rather left forever than attend his second year of Emory College. Moreover, Chris was not able to wrap his head around the thought that his father was human enough to cheat on his mother “Walt’s split from his first wife, Marcia, was not a clean or amicable parting. Long after falling in love with Billie, long after she gave birth to Chris, Walt continued his relationship with Marcia in secret, dividing his time between households, two families… When Walt’s double life came to light, the revelations inflicted deep wounds. All parties suffered terribly” (121). This lack of faith in his parent’s relationship put a dent in his wellbeing and consequently became his sole reason to lash out and advocate for everything that stood against his mother and father’s best interests. He disowned ideas of authority and government, because the parental authority he was brought up to trust the most betrayed him. Subsequently, Alex disfavored materialism, dependence, social boundaries and typical suburban household mindsets. For that reason, he grew a trancendalist mindset as he set out to discover himself in the midst of his…show more content…
Accordingly, all civilized man has known his life is civilization. Naturally, one easily develops a fascination for the wild and transforms it from a curiosity into a wonderland by filling it with ones innermost desires. Hence, the wild becomes a safe haven fabricated from dually missed and coveted infatuations. To illustrate, infatuations often include sex and or romance, self-discovery, escape from reality, a sense of fulfillment and rebellion. Frequently, men with an inclination to act on instinct visit the wild ill prepared. In like manner, Carl McCunn left for Alaska with the dream-like fantasy that he’d be stuck in the remote wilderness with the beautiful lady and a brewing romance. Sadly, his foolishness cost him most then a depraved love life, as he had failed to save his own life on several occasions, beginning with arranging a helicopter ride home “Carl was the sort of guys who would have unrealistic expectations that someone would eventually figure out he was in trouble and cover for him. Even as he was on the verge of starving, he probably still imagined that Big Sue was going to fly in at the last minute with a planeload of food and have this wild romance with him” (83). While, Carl does differ from Alex so much that they are on different ends of the practicality spectrum: Alexander and McCunn had fallen for the same temptress that promised a differing

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