Stowers Vs. Wolodzko Case Study

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False imprisonment was one of the issues presented in Stowers v. Wolodzko. The meaning of false imprisonment is, according to J. Stuart Showalter, “unlawful restriction of a person's freedom” (Showalter 2015). The court decision was right regarding to false imprisonment because even though the patient may not think that he/she is mentally ill and because she was not a danger to the society or the family then Dr. Wolodzko should have not in the first place bring her to Ardmore Acres. What triggers some attention is a facade from Dr. Wolodzko because he did not identify himself in the first place so that the patient can at least know who she is dealing with; therefore, there was not a mutual trust and confidence between Stowers and Wolodzko.…show more content…
The first one is misrepresentation of the facts meaning that Dr. Wolodzko mislead Stowers just to get her to come to Ardmore Acres; it could have been intentional or maybe not but that's not the issue. Stowers felt comfortable in her skin and there were no reports showing any type of domestic violence unless they husband kept it secret but it just stated that she wanted a divorce which was simple. The second factor is lack of information about consequences; the patient has the right to know all the consequences and information about how he/she will be treated. If Stowers knew the full consequences then she would never win the case on Assault and battery but because she did not know then the court was in her favor. The third factor is lack of information about risks meaning that it is the duty of the doctor to explain the risk that the patient will take and provide all the details regarding the risk. Dr. Wolodzko did not provide full details on what the risks will…show more content…
Thus, the unawareness of illness is a direct consequence of the person’s brain dysfunction and in a review, 10 of 14 studies that examined lack of awareness of illness and medication nonadherence in schizophrenia reported that the two are strongly associated” (Treatment Advocacy Center 2014). Therefore, it is normal if she fought when giving medications or injections and the people should try to use force. Stowers should not be granted for Assault and Battery because the nurses had that right to force to give her medications since she is already in the building and the Dr. came with a paper proving the detention was pursuant to court order. What really is not appropriate is the fact that Dr. Wolodzko threatened the patient that if he find out she is making phone calls then he will not let her talk to her family anymore; it is wrong because at this moment of time she needs love and care and if she asks for a lawyer then she should of get one. False imprisonment was in this case physically as well as mentally. Even if the doctor believes that she is incapable of making a firm decision there should not be any malpractice

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