Cholly's Detail: The Breedlove Family

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Detail was packed into every part of the short chapter I read today. Many of the details discussed in the chapter gave me insight about the area that the story takes place in, and how much poverty there is for African Americans. The family that was discussed in this part of the book, the Breedlove family, consists of four people: fourteen-year-old Sammy, eleven-year-old Pecola, and Cholly and Mrs. Breedlove. Before the family was broken apart by Cholly’s crazed drunkenness and abuse, they lived in a (now abandoned) store. It was described as an interruption within the street, the trees, or the sky; it only sat there annoying all of Lorain, Ohio’s residents who try to look away when they see it. The store was like a section of a fence that had…show more content…
There were drapes and rugs hung just about everywhere. The gypsies rarely looked out of the windows, but when they did, it was to smile, wink, or beckon. After the gypsies left, it became a real-estate office (there wasn’t much to say about that). Farther along, it became a bakery owned by a Hungarian man whose specialty was brioche and poppy-seed rolls. Before it was the Breedlove’s home, it was a pizza parlor and a place where slow teenage boys “met there to feel their groins, smoke cigarettes, and plan mild outrages.” the only thing that set these new teenage smokers apart from old-timers was the rate at which they flicked their ashes from their cigarettes. They flicked “too quickly and too often”. When the Breedloves moved in, all was well within the family. They both knew they didn’t have much, what with all of the grey paint on the exterior and interior of the house starting to peel off and making its way into baby’s mouths, but they made to and tried to create a sense of belonging. There were basically two rooms to the house: The front (or living) room, and the bedroom, “where all the living was

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