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The Chicano movement was a successful organization led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Chavez came from a middle class family and made the Chicano movement for people who worked in the fields or farms in the 1960s through the 1970s. Although, it was intended for the farm workers, many more goals like social, cultural, political and educational matters were put to execute the problems the Chicano people were experiencing. The Chicanos wanted a better education and more precise teachers who understood them instead of teachers who didn’t. Furthermore, the Chicano organization was an extension of the American Civil Rights movement. “It also became embodied by the organization La Raza, which wanted to achieve Mexican American empowerment.” One of the successions of the movement was because of walkouts done by the Chicano students to get a more efficient education. This action made by the Chicano’s resulted in making MEChA, which was an organization that dedicated time to make educational institutions more responsive. MECha made part of the Chicano movement successful by encouraging schools to be friendly for every person.…show more content…
“The leader of La Raza unida was Jose Angel Gutierrez, he protested two mainstream parties the Republicans and Democratic for being unresponsive to the Chicano voter’s needs.” (Gonzalez-Thompson n.d.) Many white Americans would discriminate the Mexican Americans who lived in the United States just because of their different languages and cultural backgrounds. They would not let Chicanos be who they were and if they tried people would make fun of them. They wanted no discrimination and better education. The Mexican race was usually separated or made fun of because of their culture or social reforms. Chicanos slowly entered into skilled labor markets and jobs because of discrimination and

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