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Performance Management Performance Management is a vital part in the food industry. The employees go through a vigorous day with long hours, stress, and a lot of standing and lifting. That is the reason why performance management is the most important part of the operations of the company. It helps employees reach their goals, and it pushes them to their fullest. This type of management helps the company set forth each individual goals and it helps the employees be more productive in the workforce. The Cheesecake Factory has a reputation of performing at an impressive level. The Cheesecake Factory has many ways to motivate its employees to perform at a high level. One way that it motivates its employees is that the employees can submit a newsletter called “Slice”. Managers and Staffers can submit information about other employees to evaluate how they are performing. This newsletter helps managers keep a…show more content…
Some restaurants host Iron Chef Battles for staff. Company-wide "So You Think You Can Cook" contests take place, in which employees submit new recipes to be cooked for the CEO, while other locations will host brunches for staff and their families to mark holidays such as Easter. Restaurant mangers hold events such as weekly draws for prizes including an employee’s choice of shift or a free dessert. The amount of attention that The Cheesecake Factory puts into the employee relations is impressive. By using the Employee Assistance Program, it helps eliminates employees work stress. It gives them the opportunity to understand what they need to do and how to handle different situations. This is the reason why this company focuses a lot on employee relations. It helps employees understand that the company cares for the employees and it helps them understand what an opportunity that The Cheesecake Factory has given

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