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Bethesda is one of my favorite RPG game developers. They made my most favorite RPG that I have ever played and it is Fallout 3. It stands out over all of the Elders Scrolls series and fallouts. This is by far my favorite RPG because they story line is awesome, the combat is action packed, and the scenery is an amazing sight to see. This is a warning spoiler alert. Fallout 3 starts you out in a vault, a vault is a place that is supposed to protect you from the harsh remnants of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and in that vault is where your character is born. You go through ages 1, 5, 13, then finally 19 years old. That’s where the real campaign begins. Your mom died of childbirth to you. Your dad escapes the vault that no one is allowed to leave then the overseer goes psychotic, sending the vault guards after you trying to kill you. The overseers’ daughter helps you escape the vault to go find…show more content…
The game takes place in Washington D.C., aka the Capital Wasteland. Some of the symbols that once stood as a beacon of freedom are still there, some are not. There is an aircraft carrier called Rivet City. They also have the White House, but half of it was destroyed by the Chinese in the bombing raids. The game also has the Lincoln memorial, the building is mostly destroyed but has the statue still standing. It is guarded by raiders and mutants sometimes battling it out to guard the memorial. The game also has the Arlington National Cemetery, with all of the graves mostly intact. They also have the Smithsonian Museum of national history it is mostly intact but the mystery that lies within is awesome. They have robots with the brains of our forefathers that protect one of America’s most important documents, the Declaration of Independence. The game also has the Washington Monument it is being used as a forward outpost for a group called the Brotherhood. The tip of the monument is partially

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