Charles Duhigg The Power Of Habit

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Habits are things we do on a daily basis, some habits require no thinking at all, we do them all the time sometimes we notice it and sometimes we don’t, but the key is to find a way to stop these habits. In the book by Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit, the author teaches the reader all this and more, he does this by telling unique and interesting stories of common people and popular companies. This is why I recommend this book to my peers, for its ability to pull in readers while at the same time giving great information about psychology and life in general. One of my favorite stories was the one about an old man named Eugene, who has a very interesting, yet damaged, brain. He has trouble remembering recent events due to altercation during surgery on his brain. He cannot remember memories such as commands given to him or even his children’s names, however, he is able to have a normal conversation with someone and walk through his neighborhood without any trouble. “How is the possible?” a reader might ask. Well, according to studies by Squire, a memory specialist,…show more content…
Dungy’s strategy, “was to shift the team’s behaviors til their performances were automatic. He didn’t believe the Buccaneers needed the thickest playbook they just had to learn a few key moves and get them right every time,” (Duhigg 79). The reason this approach works, is that the players, especially the quarterback, doesn’t have to make choices on the field, which makes them play much quicker and more efficient than other teams. This eventually led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl. Duhigg does a great job at writing this chapter, because he tells the reader second-by-second plays in the last minutes of the Super Bowl that made me want to keep reading. This is another reason I would recommend this book to my

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