Characters In Elie Wiesel's Ratatouille, Remy

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Gergo Kruppa MHS2330 October 16, 2014 Midterm In Ratatouille, Remy is a unique rat that works in a rat colony, living underground in the sewers. He has a keen sense of smell and has the ability to make meals like chefs do at top restaurants. To forgo eating garbage food, he usually travels to restaurants and takes the “samples” and makes meals out of them. Remy takes hours of his time to read cookbooks and watch t.v. to further develop his skills since he is so interested in cooking. On the other side, there is Alfredo Linguini, a garbage boy. He is seen accidently knocking ingredients into the soup and Remy comes to the rescue and puts ingredients in the soup that the critic enjoys, saving Alfredo. Once the two of them meet, they become…show more content…
His connection to Gusteau gives him the opportunity to advance into a higher position once he figures out he is the son. He is interested in providing people with good tasting food and being a person that respects all sorts of people even if they are rats as long as it makes people happy and they enjoy the food that they eat. His conventional and realistic attitude allows him to stay on focus of training and his focus of friendship leads him to become a chef working in the kitchen at a top restaurant. His is shy, and this career doesn’t require that much human interaction since he is inside most of the time with rats. He is a trustworthy and reliable person because he doesn’t let down Remy and he learns from various training sessions. These interest categories allow him to complete such a career with the help of some skills learned by professionals, but his lack of skills slow his process down as a culinary chef and being able to run the restaurant. His skills in the movie aren’t mentioned other than being a garbage boy, but his culinary family background allows him to eventually become skilled in cooking and managing. He has the skills of learning, listening, technical and resource management that allow him to hold the manager position in having his own restaurant. He has skills with being a genuine, friendly person and communicating with rats and humans. Being able to manage both humans and rats emphasizes his management skill in his new restaurant, leading it to be a top restaurant like his dads. Remy who has all the skills that Alfredo needs allows him to help him in his career decision and move up from garbage boy. Along with Remy and Colette they help him in the art of fine cuisine and dining so he can

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