Xamarin Advantages And Disadvantages

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Xamarin: An Integrated Cross-Platform Development Experience for Developers In the past few years, a significant increase has been seen in the number of businesses developing multiple versions of the same application for leading mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And that’s why businesses require cross-platform mobile development tools for reducing not only the development time but also the cost. Depending on particular requirements, each business has alternatives to select from a vast range of cross-platform mobile development tools including Xamarin, Titanium, Kony, PhoneGap, Appcelerator and iFactr. However, many reports have highlighted the increasing popularity and growing market share of Xamarin. So, what exactly…show more content…
Since Xamarin supports all the latest mobile devices, it becomes simpler for developers to make modern and useful mobile apps. No Additional Plug-ins needed Xamarin allows developers to work on device processing without any need of developing additional plug-ins. Since the Xamarin applications are created with standard and native UI controls, they give richer user experience in several mobile platforms. Moreover, the apps are capable of accessing all functionality of the respective mobile device and platform. Emergence of Xamarin helps businesses to save lots of time, efforts and resources required for developing additional plug-ins. Meets the Need of Every Projects Generally, all cross-platform mobile development tools match the necessities of small projects while failing to meet the requirements of complex and bigger projects. Xamarin is helpful in fulfilling the requirements of both small as well as large projects. Since the developers can write down the code in a single programming language (that is, C#), it becomes smoother and convenient for the businesses as well as the developers since they can avail the native Android and iOS Libraries to simply modify and enhance the mobile

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