Character Of Calixta In The Void By Bogue

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“Most often, we choose to deal with the void by either numbing it or desperately trying to fill it” (Bogue, 1). Within the story the main character, Calixta is faced with a number of situations that leave her in a toiled state. During a fierce storm, when her husband, Bobinot and their son, Bibi were away, Calixta is faced with a choice to partake in temptation. When the storm approaches, her secret lover, Alcee is nearby and takes refuge in Calixta’s house. While Alcee is with Calixta, a vulnerable woman at the time, she gives into his charming manner and had an intimate moment with him. People will have their own opinion concerning Calixta and the choice she made. At the end of the day she did what she feels was right to fill the void that…show more content…
At the time, she was home alone since Bobinot and Bibi had gone to the store. Within the story the thoughts gathered is that she is stressed and under pressure of her duties of being a wife and mother. Many women handle stress in different way, it seems that she just buries herself into the house work to pass her time. “There was a sense of panic as Calixta realizes the storm is upon her, like the underlining emotions she is having. It begins to grow dark and suddenly realizing the situation she got up hurriedly and went about closing windows and doors” (Koloski, 1). There is also a sense of worry by Bobinot and Bibi while they were away for the safety of Calixta. While her family is away, they both have a sense of worry knowing Calixta could be overwhelmed. “Mama’ll be ‘fraid, yes, he suggested with blinking eyes” (Chopin, 270), Calixta has such internal turmoil she is faced with. As it starts to storm and all the storms underlining meanings, she has yet another emotion put in front of…show more content…
This seems as a suggestive symbol of the storm that Alcee has come into her life. “There are many reasons for infidelity such as revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty, sexual addiction. But experts say that a large majority of the time… women looking to fill an emotional void” (Worth, 1). Calixta seemingly was looking for emotional comfort in someone, to deal with her stresses she was having. Alcee comforted Calixta while the fierce storm rolled through, during which she reflects on the times they had shared. Oh! She remembered; for in Assumption he had kissed her and kissed and kissed her; until his senses would well nigh fail, and to save her he would resort to a desperate flight (Chopin, 271). Alcee and Calixta have their moment of passion during the storm. Even though she has just given into the passion she had for Alcee, Calixta knew Alcee had to return to his family and her likewise. “Afterwards, the storm dies down and he rides away, while Calixta laughs aloud” (Toth, 206). Meanwhile Bobinot and Bibi were making their way back

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