Stephen Crain's 'An Episode Of War'

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War is a battle between groups that consists of men or women fighting for their lives and country. A war could be fought between different nations or between states. Destruction and casualties are the result of war and wars can last for days, months, even years. The Civil War, which was the bloodiest war in history, began in 1861 and ended in 1865. This war was started because of the differences northern and southern states had regarding slavery. The Civil War was a war fought along the family line- brother against brother, cousin against cousin. A soldier in the Civil War was normally between the ages of 18-30. Soldiers, having many problems, would regularly have to deal with limited supplies, hunger and disease. On a daily basis, soldiers…show more content…
Looking at the title, one can most likely infer that this will be an intense story. War in general is very intense. Towards the end of the story, Stephen shows us how much war is really intense. The way Stephen Crain describes the scenes in war and what a normal soldier would see every day made this story even more intense. “An interminable crowd of bandaged men were coming and going. Great numbers sat under the trees nursing heads or arms or legs.” To soldiers in the war, this scene described is just a normal day. People know when they fight in a war they know they could die. That is very intense for anyone. Having to go into war knowing you might die is unbearable. There would be men who would be wounded every day. Knew people would come in and leave. Not knowing if one will survive something that horrific is intense. Stephen Crain showed a few ways how war is very intense. He should us the perspective of a regular soldier. In the end story, the lieutenant arrives at the hospital. He arrives and is really worried about his arm. Through his journey to the hospital he believes his arm is fine. “I won’t amputate it. Come along. Don’t be a baby.” “Let go of me.” said the lieutenant holding back wrathfully. His glance fixed upon door of the old school-house, as a sinister to his as the portals of death. And this is the story of how the lieutenant lost his arm.” The whole time throughout the…show more content…
He writes many examples of what war may look like to a normal soldier. One example was stated in the middle of his story, “Later he turned his eyes toward the battle where the shooting sometimes crackled like bush-fires, sometimes sputtered with exasperating irregularity, and sometimes reverberated like the thunder.” The examples Stephen Crain uses really helps show the reader what war is like for a soldier. . In the quote, it shows us what war sometimes can be or sounds like. The word choice of the sounds can really make one think what they might sound like when reading the story. Another example came from the middle of the story, “He saw a general on a black horse gazing over the lines of blue infantry at the green woods which veiled his problems.” The quote shows an example of what major leaders in the war would be doing. They have to watch the war and figure out what to do next to reach their goal. This quote gives a great understanding of the things that must be done to win a war. One more example of realism is shown close to the end of the story, “To the rear of the general, and his staff, a group, composed of a bugler, two or three orderlies, and the bearer of the corps standard, all upon maniacal horses, were working like slaves to hold their ground, preserve their respectful interval, while the shells bloomed in the air about them, and caused their chargers to make furious

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