Chapters 13 And 14: Extraordinary Relationships

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Chapters 13 and 14 in Extraordinary Relationships gave a good introduction into new concepts relating to Human Interactions and Relationships. These new concepts gave a better understanding of sibling positions and an overview of relationships that have gone off course and how this happens and how to move towards more successful relationships. The two concepts discussed throughout the chapters were family constellations & sibling positions and nonfunctional relationships. Chapter13 discussed family constellation and sibling positions. An individual’s sibling position has a huge impact on the development of the individual. The individual’s position among their siblings can influence possible relationship patterns and the level of that individual’s differentiation. According to Dr. Walter Toman’s work, sibling position’s “explained why some relationships require less and some more effort… has a great deal to do with how two people in a relationship behave toward each other” (Gilbert,…show more content…
85). One example of a sibling position is an individual who is the youngest of their siblings and how they are more likely to lack in decision making capabilities. Each individual’s sibling position carries with it certain benefits and as well limiting aspects. Gilbert (1992) believes that “the goal is to preserve the natural strengths conferred upon one by sibling position, while finding a way to go beyond its restrictions” (pg. 87). In order to reach this goal the individual must understand what their sibling position is and how they continue to operate in it. This will require the individual to get beyond oneself to observe their behavior and how they respond to certain situations. Doing this will revel to them their sibling position and how it affects their relationships. When they are able to recognize their position they can begin to utilize their positions strengths and rise above the positions

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