How Is John Alienated In Dracula

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Dracula is a gripping piece of literature written by Bram Stoker that tells the story of a small group of people who when they combine their efforts and wit take down an immortal being. However this book is more than just a story, it has several subliminal hints to what the condition of society was like at the time. One message if you read carefully tells you about the consequences of the civilized peoples growing inability to keep an open mind to things thought impossible. One character that displays this weakness in character is Dr. John Seward, who grew up believing that only science can determine what is and isn't possible. He has this attitude because of the shifting role of science in the current time. One theme that can be derived from…show more content…
One good example of how John is alienated is when Van Helsing keeps information of what is really happening to John’s dying friend Lucy, “I have for myself thoughts at present. Later I shall unfold to you” (pg.129, Stoker). Van Helsing's use of the word “Later” suggests that Van Helsing is waiting until he believes John is ready to change his way of thinking, which ironically occurs after Lucy is dead, or “Undead”. The second example takes place later in the book when Van Helsing attempts to expand John’s views towards the impossible, in which John still stubbornly refuses to accept, “your wit is bold, but you are too prejudiced” (pg.204). This quote helps you understand the reason as to why Van Helsing chose to alienate John by not disclosing vital information, which is due to John being too…show more content…
To delve deeper into how this habit came to be and how john was affected by it, more information of the late eighteen nineties is essential. In this time people were in the midst of a major change in which science was becoming a priority equal and sometimes even predominate to religion. This major change catalyzed the creation of many new methods and approaches towards understanding the natural laws that scholars have struggled to explain for centuries, but with it came a new way of general thought which afflicted the populace. This way of thought is based solely upon what is proven and what isn't, causing many to be skeptical toward things that are considered impossible thus creating a society filled with close minded people. John Seward is an embodiment of this change and shows it throughout his attempts to figure out what is ailing Lucy, limiting his knowledge of her condition only to proven illness instead of thinking of all possible causes such as vampirism. This information combined with the aforementioned quotes showcases John’s typical attitude as a late 1800’s scientist and also helps you understand the reason as to why John was alienated by his

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