Chaos Vs Civilization Analysis

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Bisected to the tiniest point of their existence, people, deep down, become savages when exposed to extreme circumstances of survival, to the point that their human nature might bring out the worst in them. Of all the people, one thinks of children as innocent and pure, but, can they become wild and behave like uncaged animals, too? Certainly. In the book, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, the majority of the characters are represented as barbaric individuals striving for power. But, do we, humans, chose evil, power, desire, and conquer, or do we pick the less appealing, but good, side? The difference in the leadership styles of the two leaders in the book in the absence of law and civilized order is what creates the plot,…show more content…
civilization. As the leader of the “barbaric” tribe, Jack portrays the characteristics of a prehistoric human being: hunting for food, dancing around fires, torturing the disobedient boys. When he goes hunting, he paints his face with clay, similarly to putting on a mask, which reveals his true nature. By changing his appearance, Jack exposes his barbaric spirit, “He rubbed the charcoal stick between the patches of red and white on his face.” (Golding 52) Another example of him creating chaos and disorder on the island is the unlikely event of the slaughter of a sow, which later on serves as a totem for the devil figure in the book, “Then he started work on the sow and paunched her, lugging out the hot bags of colored guts, pushing them into a pile on the rock while the others watched him.” (121) The mayhem escalates as he and his tribe kill Simon, a pure and truly good boy, while being in a transcendent state. He depicts a dictator, controlling his followers by beating them and threatening them, “The newly beaten and untied Wilfred was sniffing noisily in the background.” (143) Besides using violence as a tool to make the boys obey him, the concept of the Beast suited him. The more the boys were afraid of it, the more they clinged on to him as a leader, as he was brave and a hunter, they thought he’s able to protect them from it. In an uncivilized society, his ways of ruling are more respected because even…show more content…
While they are both very popular among the other boys, the reasons why they are followed are very different. Ralph is loved for his charisma, his altruism and his caring personality, which lure the boys into choosing him as chief. On the other hand, Jack, after forming a tribe, is obeyed and worshipped because he intimidates the boys, they’re scared of him, but the reason they joined him is the fun he offers. The ‘littleuns’ want to hunt, they feel the rush and thrill, and so joining Jack seemed better for them than staying safe with Ralph. Overall, Jack’s leadership style is favored by the majority because people are attracted to evil, since it’s less boring than following the rules. Rationally, one thinks that good conquers all, but in a setting where there is an absence of order and civilization, it is the instinctual, savagely and purely human drives that win, even though Ralph is a logical leader. In the isolated environment the book offers, Jack is the one who prevails and is more appealing to the innocent and young minds of the boys, thus making his leadership style more successful in the given

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