Challenger Tragedy Essay

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The tragic incident of Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy took place on 28th January, 1986. The dramatic series of incidents happened as the NASA’s orbiter Space Shuttle Challenger bust and was disintegrated after 73 seconds from its departure from the launch pad. The incident led to the tragic death of all the seven astronauts on board. The disaster is considered to be a determining milestone that lit up a lot of discussions regarding the ethical aspects of space missions and work related threats of people involved in space missions. As per available information about the disaster and the information given by NASA, the disintegration of the space shuttle triggered after a main O-ring seal situated in the solid rocket booster (SRB) placed in the right area failed to fire. The failure in the O-ring resulted in a breach at the solid rocket booster joint sealed by the O-ring. This in turn permitted the pressurized sizzling gases from inside the SRM (solid rocket motor) to arrive at the outer surface and thus impacting upon the nearby located associated components of the SRB mechanics and also…show more content…
Is it ethical to use SRB (solid rocket boosters) which are potentially dangerous on manned spacecraft? If they are not safe then how did it got fitted on the Challenger? 2. Was human safety ignored for political adequacy while designing the Challenger Space Shuttle? 3. Did the stress to accomplish result in too many unrealized promises being given to the nation and its people in the design of the Space Shuttle? 4. Was the tight launch schedule a reason for compromising security in the launch date choice? 5. Did the Technicians at Morton Thiokol and Rockwell do everything under their control to prove to their own administration at NASA regarding the risks of the launch? 6. As the NASA pushed its team for the launch, did it infringe its liability to guarantee the safety of the crew? 7. Was the crew safety considered while planning a risky mission even in extreme bad

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