Challenger Shuttle Case Study

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Problem Set #5 Submit your original and well-organized solutions in a single pdf document with this problem set document appearing on the first page to the appropriate online dropbox. When creating your problem set packet, be sure to simply merge this document with your scanned solutions using a pdf merger tool such as the drag and drop tool at, otherwise we will not be able to provide feedback directly on your problem set. The solutions should be submitted by midnight on the Tuesday following the week the problem set was posted. Be sure to provide complete set of assumptions and references where appropriate for full credit. 1. Regarding the Challenger shuttle case study in Chapter 1 of the ethics readings: a.…show more content…
Herein we agree to the following: The integrity of one’s work is certainly the most important part of becoming an engineer. We swear not to use anyone else's work and claim it as our own. all sources will be referenced appropriate to the medium of repurposing. We swear to help a fellow student who is struggling in coursework or any other way whenever possible. We believe that a personal dedication to learning, and more importantly understanding, the material presented in our courses is integral to proper education. Proper Use of the Internet, be it used for correspondences or reference. It is important to understand validity of sources as well as biases which some websites may have. We must not be lead astray from legitimate facts. Any device built by a student must be non-hazardous to…show more content…
Imagine that you work for a large electric power utility that has traditionally utilized coal power plants and more recently has added several wind farms to its power generation mix. You work in the division that leads “targeted technical acquisitions” whereby your company identifies technologies your company might be interested in. Your supervisor, who is an engineer and has a MBA, is considering adding nuclear power plants to the utilities mix of power plants, especially with increased concerns and uncertainties of CO2 emission regulations. Your supervisor has given you the task of identifying and researching all the key challenges nuclear power faces today and in the near future. She wants you to prepare an executive summary for one of the issues you identified, so she can share the information with your company’s vice presidents, who have some technical competence, but are not

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