Essay On Free Health Care

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The world has become more developed and at the same time we are facing more issues to deal with. One of the issues is the encounter of new diseases. More diseases have been found and many of them are incurable that could bring death to people lives. Nowadays, governments of many countries have been concerned about the health of their citizens. Not only the governments but the people themselves also draw their attentions toward the health issues. As a result, to satisfy the citizens, most governments in developed countries, like in America, have started a free health care system. Free health care, which is also known as universal heath care or universal health coverage, is a particular type of health care where the legal residents of the regions…show more content…
There are more people who are poor than rich in the world. “At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day” (Shah, 2013). Due to poverty, 22 000 children die each day and around 27 to 28 percent of the children in developing countries are underweight plus most of them are from South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (Shah, 2013). Furthermore, the poor and the rich are treated contrastingly, in which the poor are treated unfairly, not only in the hospital but everywhere. At the same time, having free health care can enable people to access to health care conveniently and without having to pay for their medical costs instead they can use that money to buy necessary things for their families. Kaiser Family Foundation reports that in recent years, 25% of the Americans had troubles in paying their medical bills and about 60% had found cheaper ways to save their money in order to bypass to health care costs (2012). This shows that free health care is extremely important because many families from around the world not only America are concerning about the medical bills. Therefore, governments of each country have provided a free health care to the
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