Personal Narrative: Franklin County Fair Queen

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Fair Queen When I first moved to Hampton, IA, and went to the Franklin County Fair, I saw one of the elegant girls ever! She had a crown, sash and a beautiful sparkly dress on. She was grasping a dozen roses, a big trophy and was in tears. I was kind of in shock why she was so hysterical, but I slowly realized they were tears of joy. She had just been crowned the Franklin County Fair Queen and had people encompassing her, giving her hugs and was congratulating her. This is where my dream started. As the years went on and parade after parade, I saw a float for “Future Fair Queens”. I was too matured at the time to ride, but wish I could have been on it every year! The little girls on the float had sashes of their own, while their faces were…show more content…
I was so nervous I was about to curl up and hide in my dress! As we were waiting to be taken over to the stage, I was standing with my dad being the quietest I have ever been. Finally, it was time to get to the stage and be introduced, while we all looked beautiful. As we were standing in line next to the stage, we all waited for our name to be called so that our fathers could escort us onto the stage. Now we were on the stage, anticipating what was to come. While we were all standing there with our dads standing behind us, I had sweat dripping down my legs into my heels and was hoping that I could stand up the whole time! This was probably one of the most extensive waits of my life! When they were done revealing everyone including the First Runner-Up, Melanie Vanhorn. I thought “ There is no way possible that I am able to get queen over the other girls.” “I mean yes, I worked hard, but these other girls deserve it just as much as the next!” There was a long pause for Nadine Baltes to open the last envelope, that had the new 2015, Franklin County Fair Queen’s name on it. I stopped before she read the name and looked at Alex Baltes, one of the other candidates. Finally, the name was read. My first thought was, “ I knew it wasn’t me.”, but actually, it was! I was wondering why Alex was looking at me smiling like I had done something tremendous! I was about in tears, but couldn’t cry because I was so overwhelmed with what was happening! When Brooklyn Plagge, the 2014 Franklin County Fair Queen, walked up to me with a dozen roses, put them in my arm and gave me a hug, is when it all started to become real! Next, she came to me with the gigantic crown! It ended up being put on my head lopsided, and then came the trophy. I was really hesitant to hold it, because it was all glass and so massive. So as I stood in front of everyone on that stage, while they were applauding me, I was holding my head sideways (trying to hold up the crown),

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