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According to the statistic by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), accidents caused by passenger behavior outweighed in the major cause of incidents. As stated in the Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618): Publications, a summary table of the reported escalator incidents is shown in the following. Main Cause of Incidents Number of Incidents 2011 (June to December) 2012 2013 2014 2015 (January to June) Passenger Behavior 822 1486 1383 1530 765 Equipment Fault 7 8 3 0 3 External Factors 19 44 30 109 32 CAUSES OF ESCALATOR ACCIDENTS There are several reasons accounting for the escalator accidents, including the passenger behavior, equipment fault as well as the external factors. 1. Passenger Behavior It includes the…show more content…
External Factors Foreign objects like trolley wheels, tiny object and stroller wheels will be blocked in the space between comb plate and step. As a result, a sudden stop may occur due to safety devices triggering. THE CONSEQUENCES OF ESCALATOR ACCIDENTS There are several consequences regarding to the escalator accidents. 1. Scratching The definition of scratching is a thin shallow mark with a sharp instrument which is the steps of escalator. It may appear at passengers back if there is a fall from escalator. 2. Disability Permanently disabled may take place if passenger’s toe was trapped or fell directly into the depth of escalator. Parts of leg may be amputated in order to prevent the situation from getting worse. Those patients may require sitting in a wheel chair for entire life. 3. Psychiatric Conditions The victims and witnesses may be suffered from psychological injury. Psychological damage may challenges the confidence of victims or witnesses for using the escalator again. Some of them may not be willing to use escalator due to a horrific experience form tragedy. 4. Death Death will be the worst case from escalator accident. The reasons behind are main organs damage as well as a huge amount of blood…show more content…
Witness should give a helping hand for cardiopulmonary resuscitation if victims are feeling dizzy and faint. 4. Hospital treatment Victims must be carried to the hospital for the proper treatment in order to save lives. Normally, five to ten minutes are required for the medical team arrival in Hong Kong. D. RECOVERY OF ESCALATOR ACCIDENTS 1. Compensation As money can solve almost all of the technical problems, huge amount of money is required for paying the citizen’s recovery. Hence, compensation is vital and should be prepared in advance of any incidents. 2. Analytical thinking As escalator accidents are occurred very frequent nowadays, the government and registered escalator contractor are urged to carry out analytical think for ensuring the escalator safer to citizens. For example, the government officials may impose a strict law for checking the escalator in every two weeks. Besides, any mechanical wearing should be informed and replaced quickly in case to prevent the chance of tragedy take place. CONCLUSION FOR THE DAILY LIFE ACCIDENTS AT SCHOOL In conclusion, school can be a secure place to citizen once the feasible solutions are taking into

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