Causes And Effects Of The Progressive Era

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The pursuit of opportunity, freedom, equality and personal happiness, or the American Dream: a phrase with never ending meaning and sense of hope. Immigrants flooded into the cities of America by the millions in the 1800’s, all in search of the American Dream. These flooding 12 million immigrants brought more economical and social issues afoot then we were able to prepare for or even control. In the midst of the industrial revolution, there were many advances in technology, communication and factories/factory system. Population displacement from rural areas to bigger cities and the overwhelming immigrants also piling high in the cities are some of the main causes of urbanization. The cities lack of preparation and planning lead to devastating effects. An overwhelming rise in population with no proper living…show more content…
Progressives were generally middle class, educated Christians. Progressives lived in cities and were a lot of the time white women. They believed that social issues we faced at the time could be addressed best with safety laws, and better education. Reform took place in every aspect from state, economy and even society. Federal reform taking place in the Progressive Era left significant change. The 16th amendment allowed the collection of income tax. Amendment 17 allowed for the direct election of senators, leaving both small and large states happy. Prohibition came into effect with the 18th amendment but most importantly the 19th amendment was women’s suffrage. State reform left much more power in the hands of the people. Recalls, initiatives and referendums allowed voters to petition and have some form of say so. Voters were also able to choose their candidates by the direct primary. Experts in a field of study must be qualified, this was a new concept started by the reform of scientific
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