Red Lipped Batfish Research Paper

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The Red Lipped Batfish a strange looking fish. It’s bright red lips distinguish this fish from other fish which they use to attract mates also related to it’s cousin “the Rosy Lipped Batfish to the stingray all three are very unique looking fish. The Red Lipped Batfish has red lips to attract his mates. They are grayish brown in color and have light colored fins. They are poor swimmers and walk on their fins on seafloor. Red Lipped Batfish has a horn on it’s head that nobody knows what it is used for. Growing length is up to 25 centimeters (About Fish Online) . The Red Lipped Batfish lives in tropical waters off the coast of the Galapagos Islands and the Pacific Ocean. They also have been found in the waters off Costa Rica in waters

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