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Henry IV was one of the greatest French rulers, not only because he actually legitimately cared about his people, but also because he made every effort to make life better and easier for the people under his rule. Henry fought in several wars, had switched religions, and allowed religious freedom in France. Because of these actions, he was known as Good King Henry, and, even though his statue was destroyed in the French Revolution, just like the statues of every other French King, Henry IV’s statue was the first to be rebuilt, in 1818, and it still stands to this day (“Henry IV;” “Henry IV Biography;” McKay J., Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler 534-535). Henry de Bourbon-Navarre was born on December 13th, 1553, in Pau, France. He was the son…show more content…
However, he did successfully secure his crown, and lessen the Spanish influence on France. Henry eradicated the League, began multiple peace treaties, such as the Treaty of Bergerac (1577), the Treaty of Nemours (1585), and the Edict of Nantes. He also kept France out of wars for many years, signed the Edict of Nantes (which ended nearly 40 years of religious war), eliminated the national debt, and saved about 18 million lives in doing so. Henry revived the economy, beautified France, returned order and prosperity to the country, and helped the different social classes with attaining their needs, he knew what they needed and helped them to get it (Henry is credited for having a desire for everyone la poule au pot, or a chicken to eat, every Sunday). He even funded a few of the expeditions to America (including Samuel de Champlain’s Canadian exploration). Henry IV reorganized the army, started an efficient class for cadets, raised and assured the army’s pay, and fortified strongholds. His statue was indeed torn down during the French Revolution, as were those of all the other French Kings, however, Henry IV’s was the first to be rebuilt. He is known as Good King Henry, for his compassion, how he legitimately cared about his people, about what they wanted, what they needed, and how he did his best to avoid war if at all

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