The Controversy Of Sports Compared To Today

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Imagine going to a football game with friends. Everyone is enjoying the fast paced game with the big hits, catches that are seemingly impossible, and watching a team comeback from 2 or 3 touchdown loss. This isn't more different from how life was for rich people back in the 16th-17th century around the time Shakespeare was alive. Back then watching sports and playing sports was more common if wealthy. Even though less people are able to watch these games compared to today, these games shared similarities and differences with sports today. Sports back then played an important role during Shakespearean time for entertainment and is similar and different to sports played today. Plenty of sports were played back then and while the names of…show more content…
Billiards was referenced in some of shakespeare's writing. In Antony and Celopatra Shakespeare makes Celopatra say "Let's to billiards". Dice was referenced by Henry V when he says "The confident and over-lusty French Do the low-rated english play at dice." Football was another referenced sport in another story written by Shakespeare, Shakespeare says "a base football player" referencing football. An account of people playing football says, "While it is thrown and caste up in the ayre... if it fall to the grounde, they lifte it up agayne." This account sounds similar to how football is played today so most likely that sport was played back then. There are many more accounts of sports played which allows us to find out what sports were played("Sports"). Some sports played could only be played by wealthy people because equipment for some sports were expensive. Hawking, hunting, and jousting tournaments were sports that were signs of someone being rich. Hunting was a sport to show how rich a person was by showing off weapons, horses, clothes, and hawks. Hawking was a sport for showing off your birds and this sport was a sign of royalty as no normal person could have

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