Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door Essay

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Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door makes it possible for cats to enter and exit the house whenever they want it. It allows freedom among your pets, and at the same time removing your duty of personally watching over your cats, and opening the door for them. This unit is a reliable solution for cat owners as it identifies a cat using its electromagnetic technology. It also allows cats to get in and out of the house without letting other stray pets enter the premises. With this Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door, cats are recognized through a small magnet that has double mechanism as an identification tag. And this identification tag is usually located in the collar your cat wears. This cat door has 4-way lock system which includes: Only-in, 2-Way,…show more content…
The door does lock most of the time although not 100 percent. The factors that may affect the locking of this cat door are wind, and possible trapped tail of cats as it passes through the door. -Cats weighing more than 13 pounds will find it difficult to enter the door since it is designed for small and medium cats only Tips When Using Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door -The position of the magnet in your cat’s collar is important. Check if the magnet’s paw print faces in forward direction. In addition, the magnet ring around the collar has to be attached, rather than clipping it to the metal ring.Through this, the magnet will be stopped from going sideways. -In case the cat door is in a half-open position, check out the holes on the cat door’s top corner. If the holes are too small, this means that the hinge is being prevented from moving loosely. -Taping the door open is a good idea at the start and place the magnet on the collar of your cat. By this way, your cat will get used to the clicking sound with no locking mechanism. -Consider the cat’s size so it would fit perfectly through the cat door. -You have to clean up the door more often to prevent cat hair from getting stuck in the brush

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