Bataan Exposure Narrative Report

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Bataan Exposure Trip 2016 Last November 10-11, 2016 the UST Entrepreneurship department had a Exposure trip in Mariveles, Bataan. We visited the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB), Subic Glove Manufacturing, Inc. and Essilor Manufacturing Philippines, Inc. We didn’t went to the factory of the Dunlop Slazenger, Inc. because of not much time but they gave us overview about their product and processes during the orientation. Subic Glove Manufacturing, Inc. When we went inside their factory we already notice that their machines were controlled by man. But their machines are also important because the machines are the one doing the product. It has step by step processing. And the arrangement of the stations per work or per job are arranged accordingly. The workers has their own masks for their nose and also something in their thumb for safety purposes. They put mask only in their nose because if they breathe the small particles from the cloth will go to their nose and it can cause them nose bleeding. They also has something in their thumb so when they are using the machine their…show more content…
But in the orientation they give us overview of their processes they even let us watch a video about their processes. In that video we can see that their process are all made by the machines. They don’t need much people for processing their product because they use machines every step of their process. They are the oldest business in Bataan 39 years. Their product was consist of rubber core covered with felt cloth. They are the supplier of the prestigious Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. They are also exporting their products in other countries. You can found some of their products in the major markets of Europe, USA, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Africa and South America. They also bought us 3 samples of their products for the students that can answer their

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