Cash Flow Statement: Cash Flow In A Company

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CASH FLOW STATEMENT The cash flow statement is part of the financial statements issued by a business, and describes the cash flows into and out of the organization. It is mandatory part of a company's financial reports since 1987, records the amounts of cash and cash equivalents in and out to a company. Cash flow statement records all inflow & outflow of cash. It will help in analyzing the operations of the organization. Will help in identifying sources of cash inflow & areas of outflow. Cash flow statement has prior advantage than balance sheet and income statement as it is difficult to manipulate. Cash flow is difficult to manipulate since it must be reconciled to actual bank balances.…show more content…
Cash flow from operating activities eliminate all the long term capital or investment costs. It does include EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Tax) plus depreciation deducting taxes. Cash flow from operating activities is reported on the cash flow statement in a company’s annual and quarterly reports. Operating activities also includes changes in working capital, (increases / decreases in inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable, short-term debt, etc.). Income that a company occupies from investing activities is reported in investing activities, since it is not from the business operations of the…show more content…
It is also known as financing cash flow. Examples; issuing shares (issuing charges also included), paying dividend, payment to loan account etc. It exhibit investors the financial strength of the organization. It is the last part in cash flow statement. It provides all inflow and outflow transactions relating to owners and lenders. If the company is a non-profit organization then they have to list all the contributions from donors. It is a significant source of cash. Smaller and subsidiary organizations those do not have a debt; no need to include financing activities in cash flow statement. A positive cash flow in financing activities represent that the cash inflow is more than the cash outflow and growth in company assets. A lower figure shows a growth in dividend rate. Financing activities indicate the movement of cash between firms and owners. Companies that use International Financial Reporting Standards may classify interest payments in either the operating or the finance activities of the statement of cash

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