Case Study: The Neighborhoods Of Southwest Amarillo

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If you are looking for a place to settle down in the Panhandle of Texas, you should take a look at the neighborhoods of Southwest Amarillo. This fast growing area is experiencing healthy growth and offers a nice place for families to live and grow. If you want to learn more about this part of town, keep reading. The Neighborhoods of Southwest Amarillo It wasn't too long ago that that the area southwest of Amarillo was mainly rural. That began to change a decade or so ago when new neighborhoods started appearing. Today, the area is a thriving hive of peaceful neighborhoods and apartment complexes welcoming families of all types and sizes. The Greenways is a typical neighborhood within Southwest Amarillo. This planned community includes quiet streets with cozy cul-de-sacs for homes in many price ranges. This neighborhood surrounds Greenways Intermediate School and offers easy access to stores and restaurants. Natural elements have been preserved for residents to enjoy and wildlife to thrive.…show more content…
Developed by the Rockrose Group, this neighborhood was designed from the ground up for people who want a more traditional community. The community is pedestrian friendly and offers European-inspired homes at several price points. The unique layout offers a series of parkways that culminate at different landmarks like the clock tower or the covered bridge. One of the newest communities coming to Southwest Amarillo is the Town Square Village and Residences. This community will start out with luxury apartments with a variety of floor plans. The upscale homes in the neighborhood will start at $300,000. Plans are in the works for a condominium complex as well. What Makes Southwest Amarillo a Special

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