Soda And Pop Rock Experiment

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Background: The purpose of this experiment was to mix calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, water and phenol red, and observe the changes, but also determine which chemicals caused which reaction. Some important parts of this experiment are the scientific method and the fact that chemistry is the study of matter. These things are important because they help the examiner focus on the things that will most effitiontly help them figure their experiment out, but still give them some wiggle room to add in their own opinions. The scientific method is used in any good experiment. For example the soda and pop rocks experiment done by many at home, it is the perfect example of a good experiment that follows the scientific method. The first part of the scientific method is asking question, and in this experiment the question is (what happens when you mix a liquid like soda and a popping candy like pop rocks.) Now after you’ve asked the question its time to do some research and conduct a hypothesis. After creating your hypothesis its time to start the experiment. Ounce you watch and determine what you sew as a reaction you keep your results as data and try the experiment again and make sure you got everything right. After getting all of your data which in this case would hopefully be that the ballon blew up and got bigger, you then put it all…show more content…
The dependent variable was the foam, color and heat. Or the reaction to the chemicals being mixed. I know this because its the reaction of what the experimenter changes. The controlled variables in this experiment are the amount of chemicals in each test, the different chemicals mixed in each test and the size of the cup they are being mixed in. The control of the experiment is table A experiment 1. I know this because it is the data or experiment that I can compare the other experiment

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