The Marquis De Lafayette's Freedom From Britain In The Revolutionary War

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The Marquis De Lafayette Although there are many who helped America gain its freedom from Britain in the Revolutionary War, there is one person who stands out as a leader. Even after being denied by the king, The Marquis De Lafayette was inspired to come to America and assist in the war. His military experience and determination helped the Americans win the war, and his ties to France helped America in other ways during and after the war. Without Lafayette's help the Americans could not have separated from England. After his father died, The Marquis De Lafayette was sent to Paris to attend military school. After he was done with his military training, Lafayette started participating in the Freemasons which was a "thinking" group that believed in the rights of man and the abolition of slavery (Marquis De Lafayette). This inspired him to come to America in order to help the colonists gain their freedom from Britain. Lafayette joined the Continental Army in 1777 when he was only nineteen and served as an unpaid volunteer Major General (The Marquis de Lafayette at Valley Forge - George Washington's Mount Vernon). During one of the final battles, Lafayette executed a military tactic that would end the war and bring victory to the American colonists. As leader of the army in 1781, he kept the British pinned in Yorktown, Virginia (Marquis De…show more content…
When he first made the journey to come to America, he convinced some French officers to come with him and help with the army (The Marquis De Lafayette). They would also bring some troops along to help with the battles. During that final battle against the British, the American colonists would not have won if it weren't for the extra French troops Lafayette brought along (Marquis De Lafayette Biography). Lafayette served during the revolutionary war providing great tactical leadership but also gained resources and troops from the French (Marquis De Lafayette

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