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I am writing you to discuss the design and effectiveness of the Carolyn Meyer textbook “Communicating for result: Second edition”. I was assigned this textbook by you as part of your Communications 125 course at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). I have come to gain a general review and impression of the textbook so far and detail my findings below. It is my impression that the textbook has a good layout, it is easy to read and also concise in a way which makes it easy to recall specific sections. For example in Chapter 1 the author's use of bullet points to highlight key barriers of communications. These bullet points work to breakdown the information in a way which can be easily recalled for future reference. In contrast to my Sociology 101 textbook the communications textbook isn't full of length paragraphs with no summarizing features. I find the communications textbook to be accessible with attention on keeping the text simple. The textbook, unlike my sociology 101 textbook, did not use over complicated words but rather kept the reader in mind by using everyday language which is easily understood by first year student like myself. The flow of the textbook is well organized with each chapter easily identified by a large colourful picture followed by a summary of what will be outlined within. The paragraphs have large margins with…show more content…
The one criticism I do have is that the use of pictures, while appealing, can have a dating effect on the textbook. This can give the reader a negative perception of the content inside the textbook. For example on page 287 where there is a picture of what appears to be a boardroom of employees writing notes with pen and paper. While it is not uncommon today to see pen and paper still in use in boardrooms. Will the boardrooms of tomorrow drop this approach in favour of newer technology? Will the boardroom even exist in the

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