A Crown Of A Thief Character Analysis

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A Crown of a Thief. Characters are what bring life to a story and are specially crafted, fitted with personalities, strengths and weaknesses.Tractor Supply many stories from past and present, but some represent something more than their families and themselves. They can represent a key point in the story. An example of this is Mare Barrow in the book: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Mare Barrow In the exposition, there is a thief, who picks from the pockets of poor villagers that are surround her. However as it's a miracle emerged, she gains abilities that her blood color isn't supposed to have. So she sent to the city of Summerton, a city of the upper class, the silver blooded, and secretly fight for the rights and freedom of her people, the red blooded. In my…show more content…
It expresses something greater that people should learn from. It's typically and better than woven into the story seamlessly. But in the Red Queen, the theme is right on the cover. the theme; “Power is a dangerous game.” The theme; “Power is a dangerous game.” fits in very well with the book’s major plot line. Silver people refer to power very fondly and frequently. to the silver, power is referred to as their ranking through political and governmental ability as well as the capacity of their abilities. when power is dangerous this means that physical power and ranking is dangerous. But Power is a Game. And a Game is defined as a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. Power is essentially being put into a lottery. You take your chance and see If you come out on the top or on the bottom. The entire quote is; “Power is a Dangerous Game.” means that Power is a risky gamble. It is unpredictable that you can get out on top or on the bottom. Making this quote fit in particularly

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